Certified SO2 measurement by IR: key benefits for operators

In many countries across the world, wet chemistry is defined as the reference method for SO2 measurement. That method involves manual steps and specific constraints for the operator. The MIR 9000P – the portable instrument offering the lowest TUV certified range for SO2 – has been designed to help the operator save time and increase measurement process efficiency.

Time savings & efficiency

  • Continuous & automated SO2 measurement provides a better understanding of real measurement fluctuations during on-site checks
  • SO2 measurement results are available immediately
  • Customer reports including SO2 measurement are no longer dependent on the return of results from a third-party analysis laboratory
  • SO2 can be calibrated using a gas mixture containing CO and NO, and therefore does not require an additional standard bottle on site
  • All the handling of a manual sampling system dedicated to SO2 on site is no longer necessary (saving time on set-up, use and handling).
  • In the case of a regulatory inspection of a gas boiler (CO, NO and SO2), no manual operation is required. The operator is thus freed from this constraint and can optimize his time on site for other tasks, while the analyzer continuously measures CO, NO and SO2 parameters.
  • The analyzer features an integrated flow boost function to save time during calibration (zero and standard). Two levels are available, enabling the flow rate to be increased to 45 l/h or 60 l/h, guaranteeing faster stabilization, and therefore shorter zero and standard calibration times.
  • Thanks to the ENVEA Connect™ app, the user can receive notifications on his cell phone or tablet via WiFi, informing him that calibration is in progress (as well as other analyzer states). The user can therefore carry out other operations in parallel, while keeping control of the analyzer at the same time.
  • Options developed in response to customer feedback helping to optimize on-site operations:
    • A carrying case with space for probe and sampling accessories, with integrated wheels and custom-designed foam protection
    • An on-site installation kit including a strap, flowmeter, insulator, PTFE tube to connect the gas cooler to the analyzer, and a support for the heated line to be positioned at the inlet to the cooler. It is designed to facilitate on-site installation of the system.

Cost savings

  • Automatic SO2 measurement reduces operating costs by eliminating those inherent to using the wet chemistry reference method:
    • Equipment and glassware costs (purchase and breakage)
    • Cost of consumables (sample jars, hydrogen peroxide solutions and demineralized water)
    • Analysis costs (test samples, site blanks & yield and purity of consumables).
  • Estimated savings from eliminating SO2 measurement by wet chemistry method:
    • For a regulatory control of a pipe (3 tests): €100 excluding VAT
    • For a QAL2 service on a pipe (18 tests): €250 excluding VAT.
  • Reduced maintenance costs. The analyzer has been designed to offer reduced and rapid maintenance.
    • The software provides preventive maintenance diagnosis and alerts for maintenance and fault diagnosis.
    • On the mechanical side, easy-access captive screws make servicing more reliable. This is the case for the NOx conversion furnace and the oxygen probe, facilitating cartridge replacement or probe verification.
    • All connectors are accessible and differentiated to facilitate exchanges in the event of technical assistance. In addition, if a part replacement is required, the user can choose to request remote assistance, while keeping his or her own equipment. This guarantees rapid troubleshooting and easier organization in terms of equipment availability.

Analyzer performance

Under the P-AMS conditions inherent to on-site testing, the MIR 9000P is the portable device with the lowest certified range in compliance with EN15267-4 for SO2 measurement.