CEM 2023 – ILM Exhibitions
20 septembre, 2023
22 septembre, 2023
Barcelona, Spain
CEM is an International Conference and Exhibition dedicated to Emission Monitoring. Delegates and Visitors will gain valuable insights into the latest regulation, technologies and best practices in monitoring and measuring industrial emissions.

ENVEA is looking forward to a return to the upcoming CEM Exhibition and Conference, as presenter and exhibitor. The year is already an active one for ENVEA, having completed the acquisitions of Hycontrol, California Analytical Instruments and a1-cbiss, extending the range of proven environmental monitoring and management solutions.

The CEM 2023 event in Barcelona will be a busy one for ENVEA, where we will present several conference papers, covering technological developments related to emission monitoring and process improvements:

Day 2 – Thursday 21st September 2023

  • 14:45 – Room 1 – EU and Domestic Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Systems – Continuous Sampling to determine the biogenic CO2 emissions
    Speaker: Mr Jürgen Reinmann, ENVEA

Day 3 – Friday 22nd September 2023

  • 09:45 – Room 2 – The dual use of the TDL technology in process and emission monitoring
    Speaker: Mr Mr Jerome Lefrancois, ENVEA
  • 10:15 – Room 1 – Continuous Mercury Emission Monitoring in low concentration ranges (< 5 µg / Nm3) Speaker: Mr Jürgen Reinmann, ENVEA
Supporting the topics being delivered, ENVEA will present Stands 17 & 18 a compact showcase of key products for first-hand interaction at our exhibition stand. Highlighting the technologies described in the presentations, an opportunity is given to the delegates to engage in technical discussions with the ENVEA experts and learn how our solutions support process efficiency, emission monitoring and reduction goals.

ENVEA provides a comprehensive range in-house CEMS solutions, covering a key range of pollutants, measured with standard reference and industry leading technologies, in-situ and extractive analyzers, sample conditioning systems, long-term samplers, to data acquisition and reporting software, enabling our clients to meet their environmental monitoring objectives.