RWM – Resource & Waste Management Expo
13 septembre, 2023
14 septembre, 2023
Birmingham, UK
With new reduced emission limits, the efficiency of the abatement control plant becomes increasingly important. Until now, in a bid to reduce emissions, plant operators would estimate how much lime reagent was needed by monitoring the final stack emissions to atmosphere and adjusting a feedscrew. The problem with this ‘feed-back’ technique is the amount of guesswork involved. Site operators have been frequently adding too much lime. Overdosing is common but this comes at a cost in both emission limit breaches & lime wastage.

Join us at RWM, try our VR experience and we can show you how ENVEA have developed a cost-saving solution that can be adjusted to tackle future legislative changes.

You will benefit from:

Lower Abatement Reagent Costs – Control emissions for efficient use of abatement reagents

Reduce Energy Costs – Regulate material flow, avoid energy spikes and reduce energy costs

Achieve Regulatory Compliance – Automatically control emissions abatement to regulate GHG and meet BREF compliance

ENVEA provides a comprehensive range in-house CEMS solutions, covering a key range of emissions, measured with standard reference and industry leading technologies, in-situ and extractive analysers, sample conditioning systems, long-term samplers, to data acquisition and reporting software, enabling our clients to meet their environmental monitoring objectives.