Analyseur multi-gaz Infrarouge GFC in situ


Un système de mesure multigaz complet “tout en un compact”, basé sur l’analyseur MIR 9000 et le système de prélèvement SEC, adapté pour des applications Émissions et Process

Mesure rapide et simultanée jusqu’à 10 gaz, au choix : HCl, NO, NO2 (NOx), SO2, CO, CO2, HC, CH4 (TOC), HF, N2O, O2 sur le lieu de prélèvement. Certifié QAL 1

Installation possible sur potence ou dispositifs d’accrochage : pas de nécessité de ligne de prélèvement, réduisant ainsi les coûts

  • Robust analyzer with a stainless steel enclosure
  • Designed for measuring wet & corrosive samples
  • Ease of installation (single stack entry, on-stack or close-coupled) for reduced costs
  • Flow, Temperature & Pressure parameters (optional)
  • Remote control and display functions
  • Graphic LCD screen with real time synoptic
  • Intrinsic security with on-board residual H2O measurement
  • On-board paramagnetic cell for long term O2 measurement
  • Fast response time, with automatic cross interference correction
  • Robust and reliable short extractive analyzer with built-in permeation sample drying system for the measurement of wet and corrosive sample
  • Complete CEMS in one cabinet – combines infrared analyzer, sample conditioning
    system and probe into one device
  • Highly accurate; excellent calibration stability with automatic optical check
  • Heated probe in different materials and lengths to suit the application
  • External signal input for up to 5 additional measurements (flow rate, pressure, gas temperature…) or any other analog input
  • Industrial Boilers and Furnaces, Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
  • Incineration, Co-generation, Gas Turbines, Power Plants
  • Process Control, Pre/post Scrubber Measurements
  • Coal / Oil / Gas Fired Combustion Monitoring
  • CHP Combustion Monitoring
Measurable parameters
Pollutant Range
HCI 0-15 / 5000
HF 0-20 / 300
NO 0-100 / 5000
NO2 0-100 / 1000
N2O 0-20 / 1000
NOx 0-200 / 5000
SO2 0-75 / 5000
CO 0-75 / 5000
CH4 0-10 / 1000
THC 0-50 / 5000
CO2(%) 0-10 / 100
O2(%) 0-10 / 25
Lowest / Highest available ranges expressed in mg/m3 (may vary with your site conditions to be indicated on the Site Survey Form)
Technical Specifications
QAL1 to EN 15267-3 certified YES
US EPA compliance YES
Sampling technology In-Situ
Sample transfert N/A
back flush function YES
span injection YES at sample point
Built-In O2 option YES
Serial link communication RS232 / RS422
Other Communication Ethernet
Analogue OUTPUTS YES (x 8)
Analogue INPUTS YES (x 4)
Dimensions (mm) SS Tight box: 200 x 600 x 600 (D x W x H)

  • QAL 1 certified by the MCERTs to EN 15267-3
    MCERTs QAL 1 certified gas monitor
    Sira MC 040030/09
  • QAL3 compliance as defined by EN 14181
  • U.S. EPA approved as compliant with 40 CFR 60 ET 75