Mobile, compact & stand-alone measurement solutions

Air quality monitoring solutions

At a time when more and more extreme events are occurring in the world (wildfires, war, energy crisis, etc.) their direct impact on air quality is becoming a key issue.
As a result, mobile, compact and energy-independent air quality measurement solutions are an obvious solution to this challenge.
Faithful to its position as a leading innovator in environmental monitoring, ENVEA offers you a complete range of unique solutions to solve your specific needs.
While in some of our business units we can offer turnkey integration, we stronly recommend for local integration, through our world-class distribution network (coordinates here – select Activity = Ambient). This allow for tailored design according to site requirements, local regulations and monitoring needs.
By providing locally all the necessary supplies (solar panels, batteries, vehicle or cabinet, etc.) you will benefit from local knowledge and support, increased flexibility, reduced supply chain costs and compliance with regulations.
Furthermore, localizing your supply chain represents a tremendous opportunity to help the environment. When transport and storage are made more efficient, pollutant releases and energy consumption are also minimized.
ENVEA has extensive expertise in the design of turnkey air quality monitoring solutions, fully tailored to your needs. Although each system can be customised according to the environmental parameters to be measured, the context of use and footprint constraints, they can be classified as follows:
1. Fixed AAQMS monitoring stations – small shelters, powered by mains electricity or by batteries and solar panels
2. Mobile laboratories – vans, trailers (wheeled or stationery), trucks, vans, etc.
3. Trailbox monitoring stations, type “HOT SPOT” – small enclosures
4. Cairnet – micro-sensor based monitoring stations
5. Cloud-based data monitoring, management and reporting system
All stations are equipped as standard with the sampling system, equipment for measuring the targeted pollutants (ambient air quality analysers or micro-sensors), meteorological equipment, station calibration and control system, data acquisition, processing and display, etc.
  • Reduces energy costs: analysers with the lowest power consumption on the market, requiring no air conditioning system
  • Autonomy: 24V powered analysers allowing fixed or mobile stations to be powered by battery and/or solar panels
  • Flexibility: more powerful, modular, compact and affordable stations
  • Centralized data management, remotely, in the Cloud
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing
  • Local integration, through our world-class distribution network, allowing for tailored design according to site requirements, local regulations and monitoring needs.

Mobile reference laboratories

ENVEA is the first manufacturer on the market to offer its complete range of eco-designed, QAL 1 certified gas and particle analysers with a 24V power supply. These e-Series analysers are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 45-50°C without air conditioning and without connection to the power grid. They can operate in campaign mode powered only by batteries or continuously, with the optional solar panels.
User benefits:
  • Increased mobility, including in isolated areas not covered by the electricity grid
  • Lower operating costs: low energy consumption, optimised spare parts stock (common electronics)
  • Space-efficient laboratories (ultra-compact analysers)

Trailbox Mini-stations

Compact, easy-to-use and transportable mini reference station on wheels. One person can move it easily, ensuring a quick and smooth installation on site. The TRAILBOX allows up to 3 gas and particle certified analysers among AC32e, AF22e, CO12e, O342e, VOC72e, HC51M et MP101M for the continuous measurement of NOx, NH3, SO2, H2S, CO, O3, VOCs, HC, PM10 or PM2,5.
User benefits:
  • Use of only the required instruments for the monitoring campaign
  • Fully configurable, with interchangeable analyzers
  • Fast installation thanks to wheels and handles
  • Compact, handy and transportable

Cairnet® mini-stations

Cairnet® is a networkable, stand-alone, real-time air monitoring station. It can hold up to six Cairsens® microsensors for the measurement of H2S/CH4S, NH3, nmVOC, O3/NO2, NO2, CO, SO2, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 in a waterproof and solar powered housing. It offers cellular communication.
User benefits:
  • Upgradeable, easy to use and move: no cables or heavy installation, just switch it on and move it to different locations
  • Possible to change the choice of pollutants measured at any time

Monitoring & data management in the cloud

Each of these AQMS stations includes the e-SAMTM DAHS module (recorder and router) which manages all the measuring instruments: analysers, meteorological and temperature sensors, etc. It provides access and bidirectional remote control of the station’s analysers via a Web interface. The data can also be wirelessly transmitted to a central server, equipped with XR Cloud® software, capable of managing all of the AQMS stations in a city or region in a network.
User benefits:
  • Integrated supervision of all stations in the network
  • Possibility of creating hybrid AQMS networks (reference stations & micro-sensors) for a detailed mapping of the pollution
  • Calibration and control of the whole measuring chain
  • Traceability of raw and validated data
  • Advanced statistics, automatic data validation and reporting
Full remote management
ENVEA is one of the few manufacturers of air pollution measurement solutions to have in its portfolio a complete solution, including XR® software for data acquisition, processing, monitoring and reporting, capable of networking hundreds of AQMS stations and analysers in a city or region.
Data can be processed locally or transferred wirelessly to the cloud or to a central server for data management and global monitoring.

Technical specifications

reference monitors AC32e O342e CO12e AF22e VOC72e HC51M AS32M UT3000 MP101M
Measured compounds
NO2 Hg PM 10
PM 2.5
Measuring range
/ 0-10
/ 0-10
/ 0-300
/ 0-10
max. 1 0-10
/ 0-1000
0-1 0-10 0-10 000
Detection limit (2σ)
< 0.2 0.2 < 20 < 0.4 ≤ 0.05
50 0,1 0,1 0.5 μg/m3
Energy consumption
75 23 22 41 92 35 75-90
Rack 19” enclosure 3U 3U 3U 3U 3U 4U 3U 3U 6U
10.3 9.5 8 9.8 12.5 27 10 9 15.2
Micro-sensors O3 + NO2 NO2 CO NH3 SO2 nmVOCs H2S / CH4S PM1, 2.5 & 10
0-0.25 0-0.25 0-20 0-25 0-1 0-2
0-1 0-1
Detection limit (2σ)
20 20 50 500 50 500
10 N/A